The reason that the Adult can never understand the boy and the way that both can be rescued together

Lee young-june

There seems to be no home to boys. like north Korean defector to the south across the Yalu River, two boys in the picture looked too skinny and wandering from place to place as there was no place to belong. They were likely to lie on the eulalia along the river and look for the place to rest. Nobody knows what the boys need, weather it is a house, clothes or money. That is because they were boys. their riverside was not covered with concrete unlike Han river, instead filled with eulalia and brown grass, and as clear as we can see the deposit inside water. It is their river.
   Meanwhile, a president of a company was drawn into the river. He died beside big bridge where covered with concrete and for people easy to find the place, and to park to facilitate the even news reporters to come. He died in the adult's river equipped with formality. His pants being taken from inside water might be well creased. What an interesting difference between adult and boy!
The boys are not the ones anybody goes through in his growth period, but the ones who popped out from external world. Frankly speaking, they look like distinct kind of human being, not a just boy. They have their own language, behavior mode, and objects.
   Undoubtedly, the adult can never understand the boy, because boys escape from the area an adult can understand, which is boys' occupation. The reason we call it occupation is based on the fact that boy's escape desire is more persistent than in case of job site of adults, which they can quit anytime. Riding on their motorbike with high shock absorber, some children hang around the street in the mid might, while other children spit on the street and tout around in the food street with sparkling neon-signs. Adult don't like their appearance, outfit, gesture. It is obvious. How can adult take a picture of these boys? It is impossible. Accordingly, the photograph about the boys is not a document.
   What is taken in the picture is the gap between boy's and adult's attitudes toward life. This gap can be found in the boys' demeanor and attitude implied in the picture posted on the website. Beyond the gap, it is unlikely that "true" adult take a true picture of boys. Actually, it is not a boundary of "impossible," but of failure. Boys cannot exist in the adult's camera. What is in the picture is just the moment of posture which is taken temporarily by adults. Although adult believe that they capture the boy, boys hide themselves in the jungle, with a look like being captured. If investigate far more boy's mode of life and get into their jungle, Can more true nature of boy be captured? Probably, it is possible. We can find out where they appear, what time they appear, and which bar they go and what kind of bonds they inhale or what kind of Ecstasy they buy.
   Is that all about a boy? It is part of boy, but there is much delicate nature to boys. When we were a boy, it was dilemma. Why adults don't recognize boys? It is not a story that is limited in delinquents. Probably, any sensitive boys would have the impulse of suicide or disappearance from home. Where else can boys go, beside the street? Even though home is already market of achievement and competition, the reason adults doesn't recognize boys is that boys are not yet useful. It is unlikely that an adult appraises a boy who is good at delivering newspaper. Raising Shock absorber and making a roar is the easier to be recognized. However, recognition doesn't happen in favorable relationship, rather as a production of dog eat dog competition for recognition. Accordingly recognition means death. See the fact that general Lee soon shin was recognized after his death.
   The shadow of death imbedded in boy's face is probably from this reason. In fact, a lot of boys are being dead. "I heard he died because of school achievement", "he died from because of being aliened" is not a remarks of recognition. It is just reading a newspaper, not a recognizing the boy as human subject. Boys want to be assured. They do not want to get an honor, social position, or money, but what they want is at least not to be disregarded in a way due to their age. What makes this recognition hinder is not the adult's prejudice, but a camera. Camera, as a machine of trueness, composed of lot of prejudice, but it viciously does not reveal out. People, however, do not know about what the machine show and what does not show. For the people, camera is the magic mirror in the fairy tale showing everything, but camera is more like Plato's cave. No matter how far digital science progress, even the latest cameras are also in the same condition. No cameras can take a picture in 17mm and 300mm of the focusing distances at once, also take a picture of both past and future simultaneously. The reason that camera can function as powerful machine of trueness is that it does not show such limitation.
   If people show their weakness, they can not be a minister or the president. Impotent ministers, the president suffering from piles or the prime minister who are afraid of dog doesn't look good. Those diagnose does not fit with a respectable person. However, those are well fit with a useless boy who occasionally spit on the street. What is going to be happen when the camera place them in it? Of course, they don't receive the recognition dually. They are already shabby, and on top of that, it is impossible for them to be recognized neatly. If they are not yet a person due to their lack of recognition, it is terrible event, such as deleting one's youth period, which everybody went through. Boys are human in the process of preparing to receive the recognition, though it might sound little hypocritical. These remarks, such as calling the unemployed 'the reserve-employed', well display how hypocritically adults treat boy.
   What will be waiting when a boy becomes an adult? Given sequence of photo, when they becomes an adult, there are only few job such as, delivering jajangmyon, working in the construction site, looking for the betting ticket around the racetrack, or being a president of a company and then killing himself in the river. There might be no valuable event, even when they become an adult.
   Where is all people who contribute to some valuable job. It is in the recognition. The, where is the recognition? It is in the super-ego, ideology, news report, ethics, and message-"live virtuously". The adult are already all dead. Neat suits they wear, luxurious cars they ride, their social position, their way of formal and gentle talking, the food they eat are all the filler as in filling with cotton in the empty inside of dead body.
   Instead, thanks to being a Motorcycle gang member, wearing poor outfits, or using harsh language, boys are more living creature. Even though they are wandering about with poor outfits and don't own the street- no matter how often they hang around the street, the street never can be their own, main character of the street are the very ones who has freedom to spits on the street. Police man sitting in the line in the kwang-wha-moon Street, farmers in strike, or a suicide president of a company is not a main character of the street.
   Racing of motorcycle gang is de-political. They hate the politics of street determined by adults. Though Adults interpret the race politically as 'juvenile problem', it is not related with politics. See the fact that distinction between boys and adults is political, so as to more deeply understand political non-association. As a boy, they have a sex, get married, drink, and smoke a cigarette freely. System of administration and discussion that distinguish boys and adults is enormous power, which restrains body and taste. Boys are tied tightly with title 'boy' by adults. Boys are just the excuse of alienation. Boys are not demanding that they want to be appreciated as human subject. It will be like making another shallow heart-warming drama. They just sneak out form the disgusting adult's world. As ant build enormous structure to avoid from human' eyes, boys makes their own structure under the adult's eye. If adults give ecology derived from adult's language, boys will be dead, just like the structure of ants disappears when it is exposed to human.
   Boy are taken a picture like they are taken away in the street and also adults-as ones being taken away in the street, not a main character of street, takes a picture taking also adult take a picture. That is effective way to remove the gap between the boy and the adult, because they fall far down and gives up fakes device guaranteeing shallow affirmation, such as dignity, position, ownership. All people seem to be watching Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Fox and His Friends, which ends in extremely contemptible situation. borrowing the Lacamp's argument , Kaja Silverman evaluate his movie as works that make up the emptiness of human existence with fallacy and remove all hypothetical devices. In fact, this extreme denial is reached, because every human has a desire for the rescue at some level. Rescue in this world, where god is already dead, is achieved through affirmation, not denial. That is, it is through the dog eat dog strategy. The adult and boy are distinguished through the truthful and clean suicidal strategy. There is the Rescue of Park jin young in the place that foolish message imbedded with the obsolete hope and charity, such as "love your neighborhood" disappears.